Hipparchus Free Demo Downloads

Following is a collection of freely downloadable Hipparchus Windows demo suites.

Their format is generally that of a self-extracting zipped collection of Windows directories, programs and files. None of these downloads need to be formally "installed" within Windows. They are completely self-contained and may be removed at any time with a simple Windows delete operation.

Galileo for Windows

Four downloadable Galileo suites are:


One downloadable Georama suite features a regional Atlas, namely New Zealand. This suite is approximately 4MB in length (zipped). After downloading, it is usually best to be unzipped into a root directory named Georama. Download Georama for New Zealand now.

About Geodyssey

Hipparchus is exclusively owned and distributed by Geodyssey Limited of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Geodyssey Limited is a private Alberta corporation owned and operated by software professionals who are dedicated to the ongoing development, promotion and support of Hipparchus Technology. For additional information, please call, fax, write or e-mail:

Geodyssey Limited
Suite 240, Panarctic Plaza,
815 8th Avenue South West,
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3P2, Canada,
Tel: 1-403-234-9848 Fax: 1-403-243-3979,
E-mail: info@geodyssey.com

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